Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Genres: Non-Fiction, Science and Nature
Publisher: Wayland
Publication Year: 2002
Length: 64
ASIN: 0750239530
ISBN: 9780750239530
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About the Book

From diagnosing diseases to navigating spacecraft, from challenging us in video games to selling us products on the Internet, artificial intelligence (AI) now affects every aspect of our lives. Over the last fifty years, researchers have created AI systems that are startlingly close to human intelligence in their capabilities, and progress continues to accelerate. This wide-ranging book looks at the origins and applications of AI – in robotics, science, industry, war and entertainment – and explores the exciting implications, and underlying risks, of future AI developments.

About the Author
Alex Woolf

Alex Woolf is a published author of over seventy books, both fiction and non-fiction, mainly for children and young adults. His non-fiction encompasses a whole variety of subjects, from science and the natural world to politics and social issues, but his favourite subject is history. By far his biggest work to date is his Short History of the World, which has sold over 50,000 copies in the English-speaking world and been translated into seven different languages since it first appeared in 2008.

His fiction writing credits include a science fiction trilogy, 'Chronosphere' (2011/12), and a gothic Victorian detective novel 'Aldo Moon and the Case of the Ghost at Gravewood Hall' (2013), described by best-selling crime writer Peter James as 'a real delight, witty, ghostly and at times deliciously ghastly.' His horror novel, 'Soul Shadows', was published in 2013 by Curious Fox and has been shortlisted for the RED Book Award of 2014. Alex is a regular author for Fiction Express, online publishers of interactive stories for schools. He writes a chapter a week, and children vote on how the story should continue. 2014 sees the release of 'Iron Sky: Dread Eagle', his first foray into the world of steampunk.

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