Gladiator School Book 5: Blood and Thunder

Gladiator School Book 5: Blood and Thunder
Series: Gladiator School, Book 5
Genre: Children's Fiction
ASIN: 1910184209
ISBN: 9781910184202

Introducing Gladiator School, a series of novels set in a rich and textured world of dusty arenas, heated battles, fierce loyalty and fiercer rivalry.

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About the Book

This is the fifth volume in the Gladiator School series. There are patrols out on the streets of Rome searching for Lucius, Quin and Isi, but they have bigger problems to deal with. The body of a man is found washed up on the banks of Tiber, it is revealed to be Apollinaris, a former physician to the deceased emperor Titus. Certain that the physician would not have taken his own life, the three set out to find Apollinaris’s murderer. This leads them on a dark journey to Britannia filled with bloody battles and tales of mystery and deceit. But will the trio find out who the murderer is before it’s too late?

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