Fiction Express

Fiction Express is an online publisher that creates interactive e-books in which readers control the plot. The e-books are published in weekly episodes each Friday on their website. At the end of every cliffhanging episode readers are given voting options to decide where the plot should go next. They vote online by 3 pm the following Tuesday. The winning vote is then conveyed to the author, who then writes the next episode, in ‘real time’, based on the choice the readers made. Fiction Express is read by 150,000 students from 20 countries.

To date, seven of my Fiction Express titles have been published in print. You can purchase them here. Below is the full list of my Fiction Express titles:

1922: Hussein is a water boy serving Howard Carter’s archaeological expedition to find Tutankhamen’s tomb, and he harbours his own dreams of discovering hidden treasures in the Valley of the Kings. But water boys are the lowest of the low, so Hussein’s chances of fame and fortune are limited. And the expedition needs to find something soon, or they all risk being out of work...

Imagine waking up in a world where computers were never invented. That’s what happens to tech mad super nerd Ollie Barnes. Ollie is horrified. And to make matters worse, no one else seems to have noticed. But what lies behind this massive shift? And is there anything that Ollie can do about it?

Charlie Grey and Elsie Fogg are dreamwatchers, with the power to project themselves to other places while they sleep. The police often seek their help to solve crimes. Now, Elsie is also trying to fit in at school, where one girl is making her life a misery. And this girl is not the only problem that Elsie must face…

Warsaw Ghetto, 1942. Jewish siblings, Rafael, Irina and Max Weiss, and their friend Jacob, survive the horror and hardship of the Warsaw Ghetto by sneaking through a secret hole in the wall at night and smuggling food from the Aryan side to sell on the black market. One day, they are told to report to the train station for resettlement at a work camp, but Jacob is convinced that they’re being taken to a slave or death camp... can they escape?

Orphan Charlie Grey could be called a dreamer. And the dreams that overwhelm Charlie have a horrible habit of coming true. Charlie usually keeps these visions to himself, but when he dreams about a girl being kidnapped, Charlie knows he must step in to help. Who is this girl? What strange world is she involved in? And what will Charlie learn about his strange mental abilities?

We again join Cosmo Mars, the 1950's teen detective, as Steffi and Matt drop into another mystery. This time, they are aboard a Mediterranean cruise ship, in hot pursuit of the notorious Mr X, who has caused mayhem all over Europe. But before they can find their suspect, they must solve the mystery of the woman who vanishes on their first night... Who is the disappearing Miss Lacey? And why is she proving so difficult to trace?

James Dobie is a kid who enjoys the quiet life. He enjoys blogging about health and safety, and building models of famous ships. He often finds himself the target of the school bully and has few friends. But when James visits the funfair, he finds himself in the hall of mirrors and his life takes a very unexpected turn. Who is this cool alter ego he encounters, and what changes will be brought into James Dobie’s quiet existence?

Moon Base One is the first human colony on another world. And it has just gone silent. Adam and Katya have travelled from Earth to take over from Laura and Chris, the base’s two occupants. But on landing, they find no sign of them. And Scuttle the robot reports that the pair left two days ago to investigate a signal from a cave. Adam and Katya set out urgently – their friends must have run out of oxygen. But the trail leads them only into greater mystery…

A new, exciting adventure for the supercool Cosmo Mars! When Steffi and Matt visit the dusty corner in their local library, they tumble headlong into mystery with Steffi’s favourite fictional detective, Cosmo Mars. The trouble is, Cosmo is on holiday in Egypt and he is absolutely NOT intending to take on any new cases. But when Steffi and Matt show up, along with a supposedly cursed map to Queen Nefertiti’s lost tomb, Cosmo may just have to consider this a working vacation…

It is All Hallow’s Eve in 1918 when hungry orphan Lucy Bingham happens upon a cosy cottage in the woods. A kindly old man invites her in and feeds her cupcakes. In an instant, Lucy is transformed to stone and shrunk to the size of a doll – and she will remain trapped in the Collector’s doll’s house for the next century. She is not the first child to disappear, nor the last. Rumours in the playground tell of a child-eating giant. And when these rumours reach the ears of new boy, Brandon Watts, he is determined to seek and slay the giant. But Brandon has no idea of the curse he will face…

When Steffi and Matt visit a dusty, forgotten corner in their local library, they tumble headlong into mystery. As the clock strikes four, they enter the world of Steffi’s favourite fictional detective, Cosmo Mars. And he is bang in the middle of his latest case involving a haunted house….

When Maya reads about 13-year-old Grace being transported to Australia for burning down a mill, she is lead to suspect that Grace was innocent. The Time Detectives have a mystery to solve. Joe’s timephone transports them from the now derelict Marston’s Mill back to the busy Marston’s Mill of 1843, and the pair are employed by the brutal overseer Mr Entwistle. They are soon convinced that Grace is not guilty, but can they prove it? And can they survive the fire and prove their own innocence?

In this alternative-history thriller, set in Nazi-occupied Britain, Lizzy and her friend Jack are on a mission: they must get vital parts of a code-breaking machine to the British Resistance. But will they be able to make their way across the dangerous Zone and find Agent M, and will the code-breaking machine provide any clues to the whereabouts of their fathers, who disappeared some weeks before?

A magical library book throws Matt and his sister Steffi into the fictional world of Cosmo Mars, teenage detective. Will they succeed in finding a stolen pendant?

The Time Detectives, Joe and Maya, travel back to ancient Egypt to solve a new mystery. Will they uncover the secret of Tutankhamun’s lost treasure?

On a trip to Mexico, Rory learns about Nightmare Island – a place where your worst fears come true. What will happen when he follows his strange new step-sister, Itzel, there?

In this Anglo-Saxon adventure, a chieftain’s daughter attempts to rescue her father from his Viking captors. Will she succeed?

The Time Detectives, Joe and Maya, journey back to the 13th century in an attempt to find a stolen chalice and restore a medieval castle’s fortunes. Will they succeed?

School bully Simon Archer has stepped into the shoes of one of his victims… literally. What will he learn from the experience?

Joe and Maya encounter the ghost of a young boy during a visit to an old manor house. Travelling back to Tudor times, will the time detectives be able to prevent his untimely death?

Joe and Maya travel back to WWII Britain in an attempt to solve the mystery of a young boy’s disappearance. Will they succeed?

In this first adventure for the Time Detectives, Joe and Maya journey back to 1840 to try and save an innocent maidservant from the gallows. Will they succeed?