School Visits

TOWNSENDI enjoy visiting schools offering talks about my books and about books in general. I also offer workshops in creative writing. I can tailor my talks to any age group, but I prefer to work with Years 5 to 8.



I am currently touring schools helping to turn the story creation process into a live event. I am doing this in partnership with Fiction Express – – a book platform that connects students with professional authors, encouraging reading for pleasure through the fun co-creation of stories. Every half-term three books are published on their website in weekly chapters. Each chapter ends in a cliffhanger with three options for how the story should continue. Pupils vote on their preferred option, and the author then writes the next chapter based on the winning vote. There’s an author forum where they can correspond with the author, and a comprehension quiz published with every chapter. 

My workshops will involve a class reading of the latest chapter, a live vote, a comprehension quiz and a Q&A, concluding with personally signed book covers or print editions of my other Fiction Express titles. I offer up to four workshops on the day for £500. This price includes free access to the Fiction Express platform for two months, consisting of 3 live books for reading ages 6+, 8+ and 10+ plus access to over 85 additional books by an unlimited amount of users (valued at more than £300).


I tailor my talks to the needs of individual schools, and can speak to individual classes or entire year groups, as preferred. In these illustrated PowerPoint talks I explain how I became a writer and talk about the books I’ve written, about the inspiration behind them and how I researched and wrote them.I talk about my experience as an author and how I go about planning, researching and writing my books. With my background in publishing, I am ideally suited to explaining the whole process of how books are made, from initial ideas to printed pages. I can also offer talks and workshops that link to curriculum topics in history, science and geography.


In the workshops I try to equip children with valuable tools to help them create exciting stories of their own. I prefer to deal with individual classes of up to 30, but can work with larger groups if necessary. I can offer workshops in all aspects of creative writing, including:

  • plotting
  • developing characters
  • writing dialogue
  • creating atmosphere
  • how to write an adventure/science fiction/scary story

If you’d like to arrange a visit, contact me through the ‘Get in Touch’ page on this website. I charge a very reasonable fee, plus travel expenses. My preferred geographical range is London and counties immediately north of there.

Welland Park Primary
At Welldon Park Primary School.
Signing books at Marlborough School in Woodstock.
At Carshalton Boys Sports College.

A workshop at Highlands School in Enfield.